Design My Own Collar

We love custom orders here at Classic Hound!  This is for the fashion hound out there who finds the perfect fabric, ribbon, or trim all on their own. Or for fabrics with copyrighted logos (NFL, NBA, Disney, etc), that cannot legally be offered here through this site, but can be purchased by you and sent to us. We'll do the rest!

All that you need to do is mail us your decorative material (fabric or ribbon), and we supply the materials and time to create a custom collar just for you!

  1. The decorative trim should be at least 1 yard (36") long.  
  2. Ribbon should be no more than the desired width of the collar (1", 1.5", or 2")
  3. Fabric should be cut to: 
  • 2" for a 1" wide collar
  • 4" for 1.5"
  • 5" for 2" wide

Send your fabric and trim to:

Classic Hound
PO Box 463
Gray, ME