*Side-Release Buckle Collars*

Buckle Dog Collar


Side-release buckle collars are the standard collar for dogs, and make a great choice for the average dog who doesn't escape from their collar!

Buckle Collar Anatomy | Classic Hound Collar Co.

• Every Classic Hound Collar starts with a highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing core.

• Our signature CuddleSkin satin lining completely wraps that core to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's neck. 

• Each seam is created with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread

• Only Military strength metal casted brass and nickel-plated brass hardware is used to ensure your pet's safety. Each slide and  D-ring is individually inspected before it is sewn tightly into place.

• Only heavy duty cast aluminum side-release buckles that have an average break strength of over 500 lbs will do.