*ID Tag Collars*

ID Tag collars only serve two purposes - one is to equip your dog with their ID information at all times, and the other is to keep your hound looking fabulous! Tag collars are safe for 'round-the-clock wear because they do not have any tightening action. If an unsupervised dog wearing a tag collar becomes caught on something, they will be able to free themselves simply by backing out of the collar. Unlike our other collars, ID tag collars cannot be attached to a leash. They are 100 percent devoted to carrying your pets ID information - which makes ID tag collars the most stylish and SAFEST way to ID your dog! Great to pair with a Martingale collar or harness that is worn just for walks. 
ID Tag Collar Anatomy | Classic Hound Collar Co.

• Every Classic Hound Collar starts with a highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing core.

• Our signature CuddleSkin satin lining completely wraps that core to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's neck. 

• Each seam is created with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread

• Only Military strength metal casted brass and nickel-plated brass hardware is used to ensure your pet's safety. Each slide and  D-ring is individually inspected before it is sewn tightly into place.

•  A stainless steel Boomerang Tags ID plate is engraved with your information and attached to your collar, then the sewing is completed and your ID plate won't be going anywhere, ensuring your pet's safety!