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Martingale collars are necessary for sighthound breeds, like Greyhounds and Whippets, whose necks are thicker than their heads - allowing them to easily back out of regular collars. Unlike regular collars, martingales have a cinch loop that restricts when a dog pulls on a leash, avoiding the possibility of escape, and relaxes when stopped or off leash. 


Martingale Collar Cinch Loop

While martingales are known as sighthound collars, they are a safe and comfortable collar for every breed! If you have an escape artist on your hands, a martingale collar may be the right choice for you and your doggie!

• Every Classic Hound Collar starts with a highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing core.

• Our signature CuddleSkin satin lining completely wraps that core to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's neck. 

• Each seam is created with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread

• Only Military strength metal casted brass and nickel-plated brass hardware is used to ensure your pet's safety. Each slide and  D-ring is individually inspected before it is sewn tightly into place.

• We do not offer a buckle martingale hybrid as we cannot guarantee....

Martingale Collar Anatomy | Classic Hound Collar Co.

 Make sure that you properly fit your martingale for your dog's best safety and comfort!

Dangling tags and charms can sometimes snag so we do not recommend attaching anything other than the leash to the D-ring, as it is located on the cinch loop that tightens. Instead, attach any tags and charms to an adjacent slider to ensure the safety of your dog! We sell ID Tag collars that have ID plates attached to them as we do not recommend dangling tags in the first place.

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