What is a Martingale Dog Collar

(All of our collars are available as either a Martingale or a Side Release Buckle collar. You can make the selection between the two styles for any collar design found on our website).

Martingale collars have a control loop that cinches when engaged with a leash, providing more control and preventing escape!

Martingale collars, also known as greyhound collars, are a safe and comfortable way for every dog to wear a collar. If your dog tends to pull on their leash, bolt after squirrels, or is capable of escape from their regular collar by backing out of it, a martingale collar may be the right choice for you and your doggie!

Martingales are necessary collars for sighthound breeds, like greyhounds and whippets, whose heads are smaller than their necks - allowing them to easily back out of regular collars. Unlike regular collars, martingales have a cinch loop that restricts when a dog pulls on a leash avoiding the possibility of escape - and relaxes when stopped or offleash.