Custom Cinchlet© Keychain

Move over key fobs...out of the way keychain wristlets...introducing a new Classic Hound exclusive: Cinchlet Keychains! They work just like a martingale collar, with the cinch loop tightening around your wrist when your keys pull down. Enjoy a trip to the front door, groceries on one hip, dog leash in hand *without* worrying about dropping your keys or needing to reach into your pocket for them. Our Cinchlet Keychain won't slip off your wrist like regular key fobs and wristlets will, which gives you one less thing to worry about!

For a custom Cinchlet Keychain, all that you need to do is mail us your decorative material (fabric or ribbon), and we supply the materials and time to create a custom collar just for you!

  1. The decorative trim should be at least 
  2. Ribbon should be no more than 1" wide
  3. Fabric should be cut to: 
  • 2"X 30"

Send your fabric and trim to:

Classic Hound

PO Box 463

Gray, ME 04039


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