1" Reflective ID Collars

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The core of this designer reflective dog collar is highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing. Our signature CuddleSkin satin lining completely wraps the core to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's neck. Each seam is created with an industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread. The reflective strip appears grey in plain daylight. When struck with a bright light, such as a car's headlights at night, the reflective strip becomes blazing white and is visible up to 500 ft. Every Classic Hound dog collar comes equipped with military strength metal casted brass and nickel-plated brass hardware. Each slide and  D-ring is individually inspected before it is sewn tightly into place. Hand wash in COLD water with mild soap, air dry only.

We know how important it is to keep your beloved pet safe, and that in the event they may become lost, getting your pet back home to you as soon as possible is the #1 priority.  A ID collar's sole purpose is to get your lost pet back to you safely. 

The ID tag is sewn directly onto the collar, it will never fall off or become separated from the collar.  And since the collar will be from us, it will be fashion hound approved!

Engrave whatever you feel you need on the tag to protect your pet . Our standard format is illustrated below, this is not necessarily what we would recommend you have engraved on your pet's tag.  You may want to list several phone numbers instead of an address.  We do recommend that you avoid putting your last name behind your pet's name, this is obvious and will only make the pet's name smaller. The less lettering you request, the larger, and easier to read, the lettering on the tag will be; 3 lines of text will be larger than 4 lines, etc. Each Stainless Steel tag is deeply engraved and color filled.

Please fill in the information that you wish to include on your tag.


  1.  All ID collars are 1 inch wide 
  2. "Quotation" marks are only put around your pet's name if you enter them.
  3. All tags are deeply engraved in UPPERCASE characters and color filled.
  4. These collars can take up to 4 additional days to ship.

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