Tag Collars - Reflective

Our reflective collar collection illuminates your pet on nighttime walks, keeping them seen and safe! The reflective strip appears grey in plain daylight, but when struck with a bright light it becomes a blazing white and is visible up to 500 feet. Tag Collars are 100% devoted to carrying your pet's ID information. They are safe for 'round-the-clock wear because they do not have any tightening action. Because there is no D-ring on these collars there is no way to attach a leash to it. In the unlikely chance an unsupervised dog wearing a tag collar becomes caught on something, they will be able to free themselves simply by backing out of the collar.

Tip: Tag collars are perfect for the harness wearing dog who still needs to carry their ID information - whether you attach your own tags to the collar or you have one of our ID plates sewn directly into the collar itself!

How to measure for a Classic Hound collar


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