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February 01, 2024 3 min read

Hello👋 Classic Hound Crew! So you picked the style of collar you want, but now you are being asked to pick a width...... does it really matter?!?!?
Choosing the right collar for your pup is more than just a fashion statement—it's about comfort, safety, and showcasing your dog's unique style. Lucky for you, we love sharing insights from our (many😅) years of crafting gear for dogs of all shapes and sizes. In this guide, we're diving into the importance of collar width and how to know what size is right for your best friend.
As the saying goes....SIZE MATTERS! ( least when it comes to your pup 😆)
Here at Classic Hound, we've learned that when it comes to collar width, there's a sweet spot! It's like selecting the perfect playlist – just the right mix and 👩‍🍳🤌.
Let's break it down:
🐾 Tiny Tots to Powerhouse Pooches🐕
Generally, the smaller the dog, the daintier the width, and for our larger friends, a bolder width is the way to go. But guess what? Some mid-size pups can pull off any width and look fabulous doing it! For the pros who never pull, it's a showcase for personal style and Classic Hound has one to fit every style!
Picture this: a 5/8-inch wide collar on a powerful Great Dane – it'd look silly and would actually be really unsafe! Make sure you are factoring in your dog's overall size. Wider collars are more comfortable for big dogs (and even some smaller ones) because they distribute pressure evenly and prevent any digging in if they decide to pull.
👉 Top Tip: If your dog pulls (even the mighty, but tiny ones), consider going wider. It's all about protecting their throat and making walks enjoyable. If your buddy is one of the brachycephalic breeds, this can be especially important! Click to learn more about brachycephalic dog breeds
Now, let's talk measuring for fit - here's a simple guide to get that it right, every time: You will need a soft tape measure (think like a seamstress tape or similar).


For a "martingale collar", you will need to measure both "Point A" and "Point B".

📏 POINT A: Measure around the largest part of your dog's head, usually just behind their ears.
📏 POINT B: Measure around their neck at the point where you want the collar to rest.
📌 Measuring Tip: Choose the smallest collar size that fits over the largest part of the head (point A) for easy on and off.

For a "standard collar", you only need to measure at "Point B". Wrap tape around your dog's neck snugly. Consider adding 1" - 2" to ensure comfortable wear - you want to be able to slip 2 fingers under the collar when worn.


Discovering the perfect collar width is an art and a science, a blend of practicality and personal flair. At Classic Hound, we're all about gear that's not just functional but also showcases your pup's unique personality. So, measure up, embrace the style, and let your pup strut their stuff with a collar that's as unique as they are! 🐾✨

Still not sure on how to find the right fit? Classic Hound would love to help you! Just reach out to us here.

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