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Our Mission to create collars and accessories with the most durable materials possible. Sustainability and your dog’s safety are our top priority while also supporting rescue and adoption around the world!



• Highly dependable 600 lb strength polypropylene webbing is at the core of every one of our collars. It repels water and is more mildew resistant than nylon webbing.

• Classic Hound specializes in satin lined collars to protect your dog's neck from chafing and hair loss. This is especially important for sighthounds.

• Each seam is created with industrial strength nylon thread which provides unparalleled longevity.

• Military strength metal cast hardware holds each collar together for superior strength and durability under pressure.



Send less to the landfill with our Recycle Program! Ship your well-loved Classic Hound gear back to us and get new designs at a discount in return - created with your old hardware!






Dog rescue and adoption is near and dear to our hearts. Our very own adopted super mutt, Dewey, and rescue whippet, Abby girl sent us on the road to giving back to dogs in need everywhere.