Go Fetch! Go Green! Collar Recycle Program

You now have the option to recycle your Classic Hound collar or leash after it's been used to it's fullest!

Fetch it...then bring it BACK!


Now you have the option to trade-in your old Classic Hound collars or leashes for $5 - $7 off your next collar/leash purchase! 

Participating in our collar and leash "recycle" program helps reduce the amount of materials going into our landfills.  It only makes sense to offer a reward program to those who would like to rescue retired collars leashes from going in the trash.  

How do we play?

Trade-ins are as follows, COLLARS for COLLARS and LEASHES for LEASHES.  It's as simple as that!

What's our treat? How much will we save?

$7.00 off per returned collar and $5.00 per returned leash

You will receive a coupon code via email for every collar and/or leash hardware set sent back for reuse. So if you send back one collar plus one leash, that’s $12.00 off your next collar and leash purchase.  Send 3 Classic Hound collars back to us and get $21.00 off your next 3 collar purchase!  

Woof!  We're excited!  Tell us what to do!

Mail your outdated (yet still in working order) Classic Hound collar(s) and leash(es) back to us to trade-in the old threads for new ones. Same hardware pieces but new cutting edge designs!  We will perform safety tests on each piece of hardware before sewing them back into the new collar of your choice.

In the event that a collar or leash is sent back to us and we find the item itself to be in perfect working order and still looking fabulous, we will donate it to the local dog shelter of our choice.  In cases like this, we would sew brand new hardware into your new collar or leash and you will still enjoy the same rebate.

We reserve the right to refuse a trade in on items that are used beyond recognition and with hardware that has been abused beyond the ability for reuse.  You will be notified via email if this should occur. Remember this is a program to promote recycling and reuse of perfectly fine metal hardware from Classic Hound products no longer being used or enjoyed.  

We're salivating here! Tell us where to send our trade-in collars and leashes!



PO BOX 463

GRAY, ME 04039

Program Terms & Conditions (the rules of the game)

To qualify for the discount, a Classic Hound Leash and/or Collar purchase is necessary.  Limit one coupon code for each item purchased from Classic Hound. Only valid on purchases of a collar and/or leash. All submissions become the property of Classic Hound.  Offer valid to purchasing customers only. Classic Hound reserves the right to refuse unsafe trade-ins from participation - only working parts are valid.  Processing begins when your used items are received. Classic Hound is not responsible for lost, late, or missing trade-in submissions.

We do not accept collars from other collar makers or companies.

Mail submissions to Classic Hound PO Box 463 Gray, ME 04039 along with your email address and contact information.