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Classic Hound Collar Recycle Program



Reduce your carbon paw print by sending in your well-loved Classic Hound collars and/or leashes and get new designs at a discount in return - created with your old hardware!

$7  Martingale collar

$7  Side-release buckle collar

$5  Tag collar

$5  Leash

    Mail your outdated (yet still in working order) Classic Hound collar(s) and leash(es) back to us to trade the old threads for new ones - same hardware pieces but new cutting edge designs!

    You will receive a coupon code via email for every collar and/or leash hardware set sent back for reuse. So if you send back one collar plus one leash, that’s $12.00 off your next collar and leash purchase!

    • We do not accept collars/leashes from other companies. It must be Classic Hound Collar Co. 

    • To qualify for the discount, a Classic Hound Leash and/or Collar purchase is necessary. 

    • Limit one coupon code for each item purchased from Classic Hound. Only valid on purchases of a collar and/or leash.

    • All submissions become the property of Classic Hound.
In the event that a collar or leash is sent back to us and we find the item itself to be in perfect working order and still looking fabulous, we will donate it to a local dog shelter of our choice. In cases like this, we would sew brand new hardware into your new collar or leash and you will still enjoy the same rebate!
    • Classic Hound reserves the right to refuse unsafe trades from participation - only working parts are valid.

    • Processing begins when your used items are received. 

    • Classic Hound is not responsible for lost, late, or missing trade submissions.