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Martingale Safety Checklist

Properly fitting your martingale is essential to having the collar function properly.  The first step is to make the collar large enough to easily slide the collar over your dog's head, and then adjust to tighten the collar so it rests comfortably on the neck of your dog.

Check these 4 things to ensure the safest fit for your dog.

1.  The two cinch loop slides SHOULD NEVER TOUCH.  If they do touch, THE COLLAR WILL NOT WORK and your dogs can slip out and escape their collar.  When slides touch your collar is too loose and needs to be tightened.

2.  Check the point just behind the ears (generally the largest/widest part of a dog's head).  The collar should fight snugly in this location, and adjust the collar so that the cinch loop has at 2-3 fingers width space between cinch loop slides.

3.  Martingales are for walks only.  Do NOT leave on unattended.