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Our Story

In The Beginning
Our story begins in 2005 with a rescue and a realization.  The duties of new doggie parenthood manifested quickly and decisions needed to be made.  Crate or bed? Raw or kibble? From finding a veterinarian to picking out a new collar, one sentiment helped guide every decision we made for our new four legged family member: "Only the very best for my dog!" This realization helped us navigate the early days with our dog, Dewey, and it continues to guide the choices we make for our dogs today.  It was the realization that only the very best would do for our dog that inspired the beginning of Classic Hound Collar Co, because what goes around your dog's neck really matters.


We Believe a collar is not just beautiful clothing for your dog, it's a critical piece of safety equipment.
Creating and dressing up pups in high quality collars {and more!} is what we've been passionate about for over 10 years. We believe quality comes first and foremost when it comes to outfitting our dogs. Here at Classic Hound Collar Co each item is skillfully handcrafted one at a time, with the knowledge that the end result will not only adorn a beloved pet's neck, but it will need to perform the duty of keeping that beloved pet safe.


Let Us Rescue You
If you are anything like us when we rescued our first dogs, chances are you are looking for that perfect canine gear that is as fashionable as it is durable, that will hold up through long romps through the woods and splashes through the surf. You’ve come to the right place. Browse our catalog of long-lasting products to find just the right match for you and your pup.


Meet The Pack
What was once a one woman/one dog show, is now a creative and passionate group of dogs and animal lovers that bring unique and high end collars to dogs the world over.  From the coast of Maine all the way to the pacific shores of Washington, every Classic Hound product is brought to you by a team of artists, designers, and seamstresses right here in the United States.