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Rainbow Hand Stamped Bracelet

Dogs are special family members who bestow loyalty, companionship, devotion, and a special bond unlike any other. Without a doubt, All Dogs Go To Heaven! This rainbow bracelet and card set will bring solace to anyone facing the painful loss of their beloved dog.

You choose the stamp and the words to customize a bracelet unique to you and your beloved pet. Popular stamping ideas- a beloved dog's name or nickname, initials, "Dog Love", or a special phrase or quote that resonates with this special relationship.

PLEASE NOTE: For the 14k Yellow and Rose Gold-Filled cuffs, the edges will show the underlining metal (brass) due to the hammering process we use to shape and craft your cuff. What is 14k Gold-Filled? Please read on!

The difference between 14k Gold-Filled vs Gold Plated:

Gold-filled metal is a wonderful alternative to solid gold. It consists of a thick layer of 14k Gold that is mechanically bonded to a base metal, such as copper, and will continue to look beautiful for years to come, whereas ‘gold-plated’ metal has only been dipped in a microscopic layer of gold and will rub off so quickly (we will never sell gold-plated jewelry for this reason). We love using 14k Gold-Filled metal for its economic value while still providing high-quality, beautiful designs. We hope you love it as much as we do!

We are thrilled to collaborate with the very talented artist Pamela Susan! 

*This piece will ship separately and require 5-6 business days to create before shipping. To expedite your order, you can purchase priority shipping. During the holiday season, average days to process an order may increase depending on volume.