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About Us

It all started with these two rescues, Abby The Whippet & Dewey The Supermutt: 

First came a rescue and then came Classic Hound Collar Co.

If you are anything like I was when I became a dog mom, chances are you are looking for that perfect canine gear that is as fashionable as it is durable.  Dog gear that will hold up through long romps in the woods and splashes through the surf. You’ve come to the right place - our gear is safety equipment first and fashion and style a close second. Life with dogs has taught me how important durable and safe gear is to keep pup's identified and escape free while out on walks.

Dewey, The SuperMUTT, taught me that every dog can benefit from a martingale—not just Whippets and Greyhounds—especially if they tend to be “pullers” when they walk.  And Abby The Whippet taught us very quickly just how essential martingale collars are for Sighthounds!  When Abby joined our family, she taught us how important it is to spoil abandoned dogs like her. Abby was a happy fit to our pack and instant celebrity and fashion dog model here in her new designer dog collar home!  This Whippet was the heart and soul of our martingale dog collar company for over a decade. 

Now we live on the other side of the country in Washington State.  Abby and Dewey are no longer with us, but our pack continues to grow and evolve.  The same is true of our product line and we continue to be proud of every design and piece we create.  And with a recycle program, we feel good about the mark we are leaving on our planet too.

We love what we do and are grateful everyday for the ability to create high end dog gear for all the pups - and their humans too!

XOXO, Ellen

(Pictured here with Luna & Leo, my gorgeous livestock guardian dog team here on my farm in Olympia, WA).

16 years ago, we decided to sew dog collars.  We've never looked back!

. . .