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Anatomy of Classic Hound Collars & Leashes

A Classic Hound collar is not just beautiful clothing for your hound - it's a critical piece of safety equipment! Every Classic Hound collar is sewn with extreme attention to detail.




A) Lined Webbing 

The core of your collar is highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing. The lining will completely wrap the core to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's delicate neck. 

B) Designer Trims

We search high and low for unique fabric and trims to keep classic hounds everywhere looking hip, chic, and turning heads!

C) D-Ring

We use heavy duty nickel plated, welded steel hardware for our D-rings.

D) Seams & Stitching 

Each seam is created with an industrial-duty straight stitch machine, using color-coordinated heavyweight bonded nylon threads. The importance of a proper seam cannot be overstated; straight locked stitches are the strongest type, and our bonded nylon thread provides unparalleled durability under pressure. We take pains to ensure our hardware is tightly sewn in place to reduce movement and eliminate unnecessary wear and tear. 

E) Metal Slides

We use heavy duty, nickel plated dicast slides for all slides and adjustable hardware pieces.

F) All Metal Buckle On Side-Release Collars

Our heavy duty cast aluminum side-release buckles are sleek, lightweight, and incredibly strong.  With an average break strength of over 500 lbs our buckles are far superior to all plastic buckles, and most buckles on the market today.  Available in 1", 1.5" and 2" widths.


G)Trigger Snap

A trigger snap provides added security.  We use premium nickel plated snaps as well as solid brass snaps on all our leashes!

H)Strong Webbing

We use highly dependable 1500 lb nylon webbing which is both incredibly durable and soft!

I)Adjustable Padded Handle

Unbelievable comfort!  We've added padding to our adjustable handles to provide extra comfort to your hands and wrists.  Coupling this with our durable and luxuriously soft webbing has created what we believe to be THE PERFECT LEASH!

How do I clean a Classic Hound collar?

Classic Hound collars are designed for dogs, and we know that means they'll get dirty! For lightly soiled collars, we recommend spot-cleaning with a damp sponge and a little Woolite. If your collar becomes extremely soiled, machine washing on "cold" in a lingerie or delicates bag is fine, followed by drying flat (do NOT machine dry).