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Each Classic Hound collar is handmade and customized to fit your dog's specific measurements. If you receive your collar and find you've ordered the wrong size and/or width, please email us immediately to make appropriate changes.   don't notice until it's too late, you are welcome to send the unused collar back (within 15 days of purchase), and the correct size will be sewn and sent back to you for a $10.00 EXCHANGE FEE (this fee includes shipping costs to mail the new collar back to you).



Refer to the hound silhouette above  

Point A - Measure around the largest part of your hound's head, usually the point just behind their ears.
Point B - Measure around the neck at the point where you would like the collar to rest.
*Make sure the collar size you choose can open wide enough to slip on over the largest part of your hound's head yet rest comfortably around their neck.
*Choose the smallest martingale collar size that will fit over the largest part of the head (point A). For example, if your dog has a 13" neck, the best choice should be the Small size (9" to 15"), rather than the Medium (12" to 18"). If you are not sure which size is right for your hound, especially if your dog is of a non-sighthound breed, please provide us with your pet's measurements during the checkout process.
Refer to the hound silhouette above 
Simply make a measurement of Point B, where you would like the collar to rest comfortably on your dog's neck - that's it!

Classic Hound Collars are adjustable unless otherwise noted!