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Care Guide



Most of our collars can be washed in your washer, unless they say otherwise. 

• Placing your collar inside a mesh laundry bag is best to protect your buckle and machine!

• Wash on gentle/cold with your detergent of choice

Our REGAL COLLECTION of collars should be washed by hand only

• Fill a bowl with warm water

• Add a little soap or detergent of your choice 

• Rub into your collar

• Rinse

• Repeat if necessary.

Our MUDPROOF COLLECTION just needs to be spot cleaned due to the durable laminated fabric!

• Use either a cleaning toothbrush or wet cloth 


After your collar has been cleaned:

 Lay a towel down

• Lay collar on top to air dry

• Add a fan to speed things up! 

*If you're drying a BUCKLE COLLAR, make sure you unbuckle and lay flat to prevent rusting together!*