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Martingale Collar Anatomy
Designer Martingale Dog Collars, Leashes, and Accessories For Fashion Hounds and Their People!
Welcome to Classic Hound! For years, we have provided an exceptional collection of handcrafted dog collars including martingale collars (also known as greyhound collars or sighthound collars), side-release buckle collars, tag collars, leashes, leashbags, and collar roses, and other accessories for the well-dressed canine. Our customers enjoy a constantly-changing array of fresh new dog collar designs and unique handmade items for both fashion hounds and their people! Classic Hound is the place to find hip, original, sophisticated, and bold designs to represent your dog's personality and unique spirit.  Mix-n-match the whole family with coordinating designs for your hound with our matching belts, matching cinchlets & keychains, shoulderbags, or customize and create your own.  

Martingale Collars are for Every Breed of Dog!

Martingale dog collars are a safe and comfortable way for every dog to wear a collar and are the perfect training dog collar.  If your dog tends to pull on their leash, bolt after squirrels, or is capable of escape from their regular collar by backing out of it, a martingale collar may be the right choice for you and your doggie!

Martingales are necessary collars for sighthound breeds, like greyhounds and whippets, who's heads are smaller than their necks - allowing them to easily back out of regular collars. Unlike regular collars, martingales have a cinch loop that restricts when a dog pulls on a leash avoiding the possibility of escape - and relaxes when stopped or offleash. Martingale collars allow dogs to wear their collar comfortably as it rests loosely on their necks, and tightens only when it needs to be snug around the neck. Martingales are also great for leash training and allow more flexibility than your average collar.
A collar is not just doggie couture for your fashion hound - it's a critical piece of safety equipment for your beloved pet! 
Every Classic Hound collar is sewn with extreme attention to detail. The core of your dog collar is highly dependable 600-lb. polypropylene webbing. The lining is a luxurious cuddleskin material that wraps the core completely to eliminate raw edges and protect your pet's delicate neck. Each seam is created with an industrial-duty straight stitch machine, using color-coordinated heavyweight bonded nylon threads. The importance of a proper seam cannot be overstated; straight locked stitches are the strongest type, and our bonded nylon thread provides unparalleled durability under pressure. We take pains to ensure our hardware is tightly sewn in place to reduce movement and eliminate unnecessary wear and tear. We use the strongest buckle on the market for our side-release buckle collars.  Finally, each piece of solid brass or welded steel hardware is individually inspected to ensure it can withstand years of the harshest abuse. The end result is a collar we are proud to use, to sell and to stand behind. You simply can't find safer and more beautiful hound neckwear!  Our Take Me Home ID dog collars are the best example of when fashion meets safety.  Available in reflective ID collars, tag ID collars, and designer ribbon ID collars.

Custom Dog Collar Headquarters!  Classic Hound Loves To Make Truly Original Collar Designs to Reflect Your Pups Uniqueness!
Selecting either brass or nickel hardware for your dog collar only touches the surface of how Classic Hound can customize a dog collar for you.  We strive to provide a truly unique dog product line but always appreciate the request for a custom dog collar design.

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Fashion Hounds With A Conscience!
We are proud to have a collar and leash "recycle" program to help reduce the amount of materials going into our landfills.  It only makes sense to offer a reward program to those who would like to rescue retired collars leashes from going in the trash.  Check out our Go Fetch! Go Green! Collar Recycle Program!  for more details on how we strive to reduce unnecessary waste of the materials we use in our studio.  We also are thrilled to be able to offer dog collars made from sails from our local community here in southern Maine.  You can learn more about our Salty Dog Collection and how we repurpose and recycle old blownout sails retired from the seas, and turn them into beautiful dog collar accessories for fashion hounds everywhere!