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How a Classic Hound Mudproof Collar is Made

 Classic Hound dog collar with webbing core exposed The core of a Classic Hound collar is highly dependable 600-lb. strength polypropylene webbing. Polypropylene repels water and is more mildew resistant than Nylon, which makes it the best choice for lined dog collars.
heavy duty nylon thread in various colors Each seam we sew is created with an industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread. The importance of a proper seam cannot be overstated; straight locked stitches are the strongest type, and our bonded nylon thread provides unparalleled durability under pressure.
Military strength metal hardware for dog collars Military strength metal cast brass and nickel-plated hardware holds each collar together. Every slide and D-ring is individually inspected before it sewn tightly into place.
Abby the Whippet smiling at the camera wearing a Classic Hound martingale dog collar Put all of these elements together and you've got a collar that's not only beautiful, but built to last and keep your beloved pet safe!