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MEET WILLYThe Lucky Rescue Pup


Willy Lucky Pet Rescue all started with the rescue of a sweet Boston Terrier who's original owners opted to euthanize him over paying for surgeries that could save his life....but not on his veterinarian's watch!  This vet knew between her skills and her sister's willingness to provide a healing home, together they could save this sweet dog. And that's exactly what these two amazing humans did for this dog!  Willy went on to live his happiest pup life with a family who loved him unconditionally (spoiler alert: he never left the sister's home).  Willy taught the humans around him that there was a way to help all future dogs in his exact same crisis, as this same heart wrenching scenario continues to play out time and again.  

Willy's rescue was the beginning of something WILLY beautiful.

Meet The Sisters Who Rescue Dogs!

Meet this amazing sister team who have been saving animals for over two decades, but officially formed Willy Lucky Pet Rescue in 2019. One sister fixes them (Dr Robin DVM) and the other sister fosters them, and together they place surrendered or unwanted animals in loving homes AND WE ARE HERE FOR IT! 

 (Erin Gantenbein and Dr. Robin Reese pictured with rescue pup, Dally).

Classic Hound Collar Co has collaborated with Willy Lucky Pet RescueBENT Design Co. to offer this unique collar design to help raise funds for this deserving rescue group. Through no fault of their own, these dogs (and the humans who help save them) need our help!

From parvo puppies to abandoned dogs who need TLC, these two women know how to mobilize and get these dog's matched up with deserving families, and we are here to support this cause.

Every WILLY LUCKY Dog Collar/Leash/Keychain purchase goes straight to raising money for this rescue group, to help pay for life saving surgeries and rehoming costs.  Purchasing WILLY LUCKY dog gear helps save dogs lives!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this pawesome 501(c)3 non-profit in Olympia, WA and HERE to read an excellent article on this dog rescue team by Thurston Talk.

Our dog gear is made with military strength webbing and metal hardware, each seam sewn with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread.  Our collars are built to last with components that can be reused for future collars.  Learn more about our collar recycle program.