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Velvet Collar

Add a touch of luxury to your dog's wardrobe with our Velvet Collars. Featuring a woven tufted velvet ribbon, these collars are perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear. A perennial favorite among dogs and their owners, our Velveteen collars offer a gorgeous, luxurious look and come in a rainbow of colors.

Our collars are made with military strength webbing and metal hardware, each seam sewn with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread.  Our collars are built to last with components that can be reused for future collars.  Learn more about our collar recycle program.

  • Made in America
  • Handcrafted
  • Machine Washable
  • Air Dry Only

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Martingale Collar

A Classic Hound specialty, these collars are the preferred collar for sight hounds (like Whippets and Greyhounds) or those with characteristics of sight hounds. Designed to prevent the collar from slipping off when the neck is thicker than the head, these have a cinch loop in addition to the main body.

Standard Collar

This is the more traditional style of collar. Comes with a buckle release and d-ring.

"No Leash" Collar

These collars serve one purpose - identification. There is no buckle, no D-ring, and no cinch. Perfect to pair with a harness or martingale collar.

For more info on the different collar types, click here.

Hot Pink
Light Pink
Light Teal