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Hug It Out Harness: 1" Seasonal

The Hug It Out Harness is our unique design that gives a firm and gentle "hug" signaling for your hound to calm down and back off from pulling.  This hug also makes wiggling out of a properly fitted harness nearly impossible!

Please Note:  Harness sizes tend to be a larger size than collars.  Please measure your dog's GIRTH and refer to our sizing chart for help!

Our harnesses are made with military strength webbing and hardware, each seam sewn with industrial-duty heavyweight bonded nylon thread.  Every Classic Hound product is built to last with components that can be reused for future collars, leashes, & harnesses.  Learn more about our recycle program.

Autumn Breeze
Sugar Skull
Lucky Dog
Holidots Green
Holidots Red